Verizon wireless upgrade assistant setup.exe
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I replaced my Droid Turbo with a Motto Z Play. I want to transfer the pictures on the turbo to my Motto. I used Upgrade assistant on the Turbo. Now I have nothing on the Tubro. I ran the repair program and still nothing. How to I get back to the program before I ran the Upgrade Assistant. Now at 24.91.5.en.USA

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Re: Verizon wireless upgrade assistant setup.exe
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Congratulations on your Moto Z Play. Being able to move your content from one phone to the next should be easy. While reverting back to a previous software version isn't an option, there may be an option to get your content back if it was backed up. Did you back your Turbo up using Verizon Cloud or another back up resource before using the Software Upgrade Assistant?


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