Very unhappy with Verizon!

From their customer service all the way up to managers an their "teir 2 techs"! Every time I call they want to do the same ol song an dance with issues that I have with my turbo! I contacted Motorola an they tell me Verizon is the one I need to talk to,an when you talk to them its something new every time BUT not their fault! Was suppose to get a $200 gift card per their customer service but low and behold it never happened! They prolonged it so I wouldn't get it and the same goes for the phone issues! More money out of my pocket an not theirs!! My wife had issues with her Sony xperia z3vv, couldn't get that phone so they sent a new lg g4 that was junk! Did all this running around so she could have a phone an still had to wait for another one in the mail! I talked with Verizon 5 different times that day! Even talk talk to a supervisor on 2 different occasions! Got promised all kinds of stuff like they was covering my bill plus phone cases for both our phones and extra data an yes you guessed it they never pulled through! Asked them about it an nowhere on file did it show, but they won't let you record the conversation! I asked!! So please Verizon what kind of crap you going to tell me today? You should at least tell your customers to bring a jar of Vaseline when they sign up with you guys!

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