Veteran cell phone discount for existing number, on hold and getting runaround. No way to treat our military
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Have been trying to apply a Veteran discount to an existing number. On hold to talk to a rep and get canned music and disconnect, I called a local sales reps who sends me to the Verizon discount page on the web. THIS HAS LOTS OF INFORMATION IF I WANT TO BUY A PHONE.  FOR AN EXISTING CUSTOMER THE INPUT IS LESS THAN USELESS.

Apparently the local sales reps have never really tried to use the on line discount page for existing customers.  It is set up for active military and of course you want to purchase a new phone. If you already have the phone they could care less. So I tried again, set up a Verizon call back. I got the Verizon call back which said a representative will talk to  you now. But no one was there!!! On hold 1/2 hour and disconnect.

There is no way to fill out a form for a retired Veteran. They want your current active duty information. I am going to write my Senator, this is no way to treat a Navy Veteran.

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We certainly want everyone who qualifies to have the ease of applying for the discount. Did you register online using MilVetID verification system?