Voicemail Breaks WiFi

I have been informed that in order for Voicemail to retrieve new voicemails, I have to Turn. Off. WiFi. so it can connect to the Verizon data network. I have done that, and it seems to work. Don't forget to turn WiFi back on.

Let us marinate in this glaring defect. You have to disable WiFi in order to fetch new vmails. You stop whatever you are doing over WiFi (Zoom, whatever) to turn off WiFi so you can fetch new vmails.

Is there any way to register this egregious design deficiency with Verizon and ask them to fix it, or are we just, customers?

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Re: Voicemail Breaks WiFi
Customer Service Rep

Hello! We want to make sure that you can access your voicemail anytime, meglitfortuna. I would like to get some more details from you. How long have you not been able to get your voicemails when connected to a Wi-Fi Network? 

Re: Voicemail Breaks WiFi
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That is weird.  I leave my 4G and wifi on and visual voicemail comes through fine without turning wifi off.  Who informed you it had to be turned off?