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I installed 5.1 on my Droid Turbo and all is well except for the Voicemail icon which has constantly appeared in my notification bar despite the fact that I have no new voicemails of any kind (Google Voice and the Verizon voicemail). I know how to clear it by going into Settings>Apps but this is obviously a problem since it misleads you about having voicemail.  Thanks in advance for the help.

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Storm2USer, Congrats on receiving and installing the the latest software for your Droid Turbo. While I'm glad to learn that your experience with the update has been well; we want you to be able to receive the correct notifications for your voicemails, too. Is this an issue you've just began to experience since the 5.1 update? Which Voicemail system do you currently subscribe to http://spr.ly/6583B8R9l* ? We surely want to help in resolving this for you.

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