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Hi all

I know this is something that has been a problem for a while now.  I have a Moto Z Force droid.  I love the phone.  [Removed] The problem that has been bugging me forever is the volume ramping.  I get it on the ringing.  It is nice to have it there.  When I hear the faint ring...I can grab it before it gets loud and annoying.  That part is okay.  Others had been complaining that notification tones (like text messages and so forth....NOT ring tones) were low....lower than what they used to be when we had our previous phones.  (I had a Motorola Droid X)  However as far as the notifications, that was fixed with the last major update....in December I think?  Maybe after that.  Anyway....that was good that they fixed that.  However the volume still ramps.  And it's not just on the ringer....it's on EVERYTHING audio-related.  I could be trying to set a ring tone for something...and the first one I play starts out low for a few seconds then kicks in.  Same thing happens when I put it on speaker to listen to a voice mail.  Same thing happens when I am opening up an audio stream to listen to.  THAT part is driving me nuts!!  I have to move the slider back to start the voice mail over again because I missed the first few seconds of it.  I have to stop and start the ring tone again because I miss the first few seconds of it.  So yes....after you have done it once and don't let too much time (less than 30 seconds) pass before you try another...the next one will play just fine.  It APPEARS ths only happens when you it is coming through the speaker.  If I don't have it on speaker and I am listening to a voice mail, it plays just fine over the "ear speaker"   I know on this phone the ear speaker and the loud speaker are one in the same.  I have googled and searched thoroughly through forums and on the internet and it appears there is no solution to this.  Supposedly Motorola (or Lenovo) was working on an update to fix this but I think all they did was fix the problem of low notifications.  Anyone have any information to share about this??  Is there still some update in the works to fix this?  I sure haven't seen any kind of setting in the settings here on the phone to change that.  I remember reading somewhere that it is by design and will stay that way so that a ring tone won't kick in when someone is holding the phone up to their ear and blast them.  I get that....and I am fine with the ringer doing that.  However it should not do that when I am trying to listen to some other sound.  Apparently Samsung has it down pat. My wifes Galaxy S5 has always done the ramping thing when it rings but does NOT do it when you are trying to listen to something like a voice mail or choose a ring tone.  It would seem like an easy fix for developers...some kind of an option they could give us in the settings.  I have tried the apps in the Play store that supposedly jack up the volume at the beginning of audio and then turn it down.....doesn't work.  Volume is still way down at first.  It has ALWAYS done this from the day I got it and yes I have tried a factory reset.  so before some expert or verizon tech suggests a factory reset, NO that does not fix it.  I hope someone on the other end is doing something to fix it.  I was just curious if anyone here has heard anything or knows anything.  Thanks in advance!

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