What is causing my Motorola Turbo to download SMS I have already received?

When I connect to Wi-Fi, my Motorola Turbo downloads every SMS that I have already received.I keep hundreds of messages because I need to refer back to order ones frequently...so this problem make sit impossible to use Wi-Fi. What is causing this?

I'm currently having an issue with my Motorola Turbo. Whenever I connect to any Wi-Fi, the phone re-downloads ALL my SMS  to the phone, even thought the same messages are already on my phone. This involves hundreds of messages; I keep so many as I have a frequent need to refer to older messages.

Regardless of how many messages I keep, it shouldn't do this. I have always kept a large quantity of SMS/MMS on this phone, but it didn't do this until about the beginning of this year. It never happened on my Motorola Maxx...what is causing this to happen?

It's pretty much rendering my Wii-Fi unusable and forcing me to use more data...not to mention driving me crazy!!

Thank you to anyone who can help!!

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Re: What is causing my Motorola Turbo to download SMS I have already received?
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Constantly receiving repeat messages when connected to wifi has to be upsestting. Let's get this resolved quickly. What application are you using to get your messages? When did this issue being?

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