What is going on with my contacts?
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Is anyone else having this problem?  A couple of months ago, I had a pop up on my phone showing that I had 2,500 contacts.  I went in to my contacts, and sure enough, there were 30 and 40 duplicate contacts for various people. Many frequent contacts were gone altogether.  I try to delete the duplicates both on the phone and in Cloud, but to no avail.  The missing people are gone--I cant find them in the Cloud.  This is an ongoing issue, but recently, contacts that I don't even know have begun showing up in my contact list.  I cannot delete them in the cloud or on the device.  And finally, the worst part, various contacts are combining. So two or three people's phone numbers end up on someone else's contact along with other people's email addresses.

This is making me crazy--I don't know who I'm calling or who is calling me.

Is there any way to get this corrected?

If anyone has a solution, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: What is going on with my contacts?
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Ugh. I cannot stand even 1 duplicate so I know this is annoying. I use Google Contacts and there is even a way to clean up duplicates. I don't back up contacts with VZ Cloud myself.

If yours are backed up with Google or were at anytime just go to contacts.google.com. Sign into your Google account if not already signed in.

At the top you will see this:

Google Contacts.jpg

I'd then no longer back them up with VZ Cloud if your having challenges. You can also email the VZ Cloud team to provide them your feedback. Contact info is here: Verizon Cloud - Android Apps on Google Play