What's the next step with this Motorola Droid Maxx?

My phone shuts down at least 3 times a day- been that way since Dec 2015.  I just signed up w/Verizon in Sept 2015. After all the reviews, complaints & questions I've read on this topic- doing a hard &/or factory reset does NOT fix the issue.  I feel this phone should be replaced- at no cost to me- with a better model w/o this issue. And by a better model I don't mean send a refurbished phone. Counting down the days until 2017 & i can be out of this contract

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Checking with you with maybe the obvious questions. Did you check to see if the firmware was up to date? Have you taken it into a store that fixes phones. I have had a lot of question answered by techi's there.

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The Droid Maxx is a great phone and it is unfortunate to hear that you have been having so many issues with your device. As 8eightball87 mentioned, we love a chance to help troubleshoot your phone. We would not want to lose you over this. Is the current software up to date? When completing your factory reset, how soon after are you loading all your applications on to Maxx?

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