What to do if apps won't install, nor update?
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Hi, I have 3.97GB of storage available on my Internal drive of my Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD, , and the SD card has 27GB available (though apparently Motorola won't let you transfer apps to the card anymore, unless the app makers provide the code, I heard).

anyway, I was told that maybe that's why my apps no longer will update, nor will new ones install.  I can't even seem to back up my apps with the App to SD app that I always used before. 

When installing new apps I got an error 961 almost every time.  I called Verizon & they said to uninstall apps I don't need and 3.97 isn't much free space, so they presumed that was the root of my problem.

It's taking forever to uninstall the apps.  Can't do it in batches, because I can't install an app that will help me do it!

I'm not really sure that's the problem.

Anyone else have any suggestions on cause, or cure?

Thank you!

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pbz, We surely know that managing applications on your device is important. Let's look into this. Thank you for providing the error code. Do you receive an error message when trying to install and uninstall applications? It sounds like a good step would be to Clear the Data and Cache of your Google Play Store application. Go to Settings>Apps (scroll to all) > Select Google Play Store > Clear Data, Clear Cache (if available). Any change?

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