Whats the point?

I have a Motorola Droid Turbo 2. I've had no complaints about this phone up until last night. I had started running out of memory on my phone. I was talking with a friend of mine. As soon as I got off, ALL MY CONTACTS DISAPPEARED! I don't know why. I could start typing the number in, my phone would start to recognize it, and would put the number it was anticipating up. But when I tapped on that number, it notified me that the contact didn't exist. Then, a little later, some of my contacts started to reappear. I called Tech Support this morning, and they stayed on the phone with me for a couple of hours trying to figure out what to do. I went through and deleted many pictures, files, apps, etc. I even performed a factory reset. That just made everything worse! All of my contacts (including the ones that didn't reappear) were saved on Google and Verizon Cloud. When I tried to sync the cloud with my phone, it didn't add the missing numbers... It deleted the missing numbers!

It didn't use to be like this.On the older phones, you could move many items (like pictures and apps) to a memory card. I have a memory card in my Turbo, but I can't transfer anything to it. It holds some photos I took, but that's it. What's the point of even having it? It was better before when I could transfer stuff over to the memory card. I would be better off, because it seems that I can't save anything on the cloud, either.

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Applications can't be installed on the SD card unless it is formatted as adaptable storage.

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