When will my Droid Turbo 2 get Android Nougat - it's been available for months!
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Why do we Verizon users have to wait interminably for an Android update?  It's been out and available for months!  ANd I have had the exact same problem with my previous phones from Verizon.

I'm really getting tired of this....Maybe I'll switch carriers to Sprint or T-Mobile.  They both have excellent coverage in my area, and their users get to upgrade much more quickly than Verizon.  They are also a lot less expensive than Verizon.

So why am I paying more money for the privilege of being treated like I don't matter?

And I worked in this industry for years, so please NO [Removed] about there needs to be more testing on the Verizon network than on others.  The bottom line is that Verizon only treats NEW customers well.  The rest of us have to wait on hold forever just for the privilege of begging to someone who knows *far* less than I do about wireless.

Yes, I'm irritated.  It's a new year.  And my #1 resolution is to no longer let anyone who I pay hundreds of dollars a month to, to treat me shabbily.  I also pay for both of my children's plans.  Between all orf us, I'd say we pay VZ about $1000/month.  Are you kidding me?!?

Can we get an actual Verizon person at a sufficient level to please answer my question here?

Thank you.

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