Why No ringtone?

My phone has quit ringing. Everything else works but can't hear ANY ringtones. It is not on silent. The volume is set as loud as it can go. Even if I go to settings and try to pick a new ringtone I can't hear those either. What's up with that???

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I see no answer... I am having same problem. Beats me!! I did do a system update, and got ringtone to work again, I didn't want to do a factory reset and loose stuff. Then I showed up "unknown" when I made calls...got that fixed...then my incoming (all of them) was "unknown". Grrr... Now I have my ID, etc showing...but back to no ringtone. I had default ringtone shut off, turned it on, changed tones, but NO tones will change...default or ringtone. All I hear is like a pluck from a Harp... Hello? Next move is to call Motorola I guess, and talk to their tech support. IDK if something has corrupted in the system, or what. Very frustrated at present...but I WILL get to the bottom of this. I have called Verizon tech support 2Xs, and been online 1X...and between all of us, we can't figure this out. They have been nice, patient, and I am thankful for that....but I need my phone to ring!! Smiley Sad I am new to this forum stuff...hope if an answer shows up, a suggestion...I can get back to this post somehow. HELP.

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Let's whip this phone into shape and get those ringtones ringing. Are you able to hear anthing out of the speakers, like music or calls? How long have you noticed this going on with your device? Do you use any accessories, like Bluetooth or wired headsets, with your phone?
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