Why Won't My Microphone Work On The Droid Turbo 2?

Know this is going to sound totally stupid, BUT. Ive tried it with other people using my phone and... IF anyone holds my Droid Turbo 2 with their LEFT hand / phone against their left ear (power and volume buttons UP) you can BARELY hear the person speaking. BUT if it's held with the RIGHT hand (power and volume buttons DOWN) the mic pics up the users voice MUCH clearer and louder. I know that makes absolutely NO sense, but it's the way my Droid turbo is malfunctioning.

There must be some tilt sensor / mercury switch or some [Removed] effecting the way the mic works. It's interesting though that angle has NO effect when in speaker phone mode, only when in normal 'to the ear' mode. I thought I was totally crazy until I had other people make calls on my phone and switch ears while talking. It's the PHONE not my imagination.  Before you call me crazy,, TRY IT.

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Re: Why Won't My Microphone Work On The Droid Turbo 2?
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I don't recall where the microphone is that your phone model, but perhaps it is offset from the center of the bottom of the phone that it is covered by user when holding the phone in the hand that has the worse experience?

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