Why are Back up Issues Not resolved
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My phone developed spider cracks.

The phone was replaced.

Backup Assistant Plus  is listed and was executed

Backup Assistant Plus Contacts listed and used

Backup Assistant Plus Media

All Verizon programs are operating. Yet now there is 142 contacts marked unknown, some a phone number only. Some have a contact showing under UNKNOWN.

Some contacts now are doubled.

Some show up with the number and letters and symbols that make no sense

Some are gone

That's just the beginning.

Tech support through several levels have no answer. I was told these programs came out before there time.

They said they do not work together.

There is more than enough storage available.

Should I have used other programs non verizon.

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Re: Why are Back up Issues Not resolved
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It seems as though your beginning has many facets, oldfastcar.
I rely heavily on my contacts, because after all, who remembers phone numbers these days. When you log in to the BackUp Assistant website http://bit.ly/OwsVcd are the contacts shown there? Are they listed as duplicates?

Tamara H.
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Re: Why are Back up Issues Not resolved
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I have never been able to get Back Up Assistant to work correctly. I recommend you migrate your contacts to Gmail. It automatically restores your contacts every time. I've never had a problem with it.