Why does my Droid Maxx battery get hot and rapidly deplete?

I purchased a Droid Maxx in March of 2015 with the distinct impression that I would not experience the typically short battery life of most smart phones. This has not been my experience. Instead, my battery is constantly getting hot to the touch and rapidly depleting. I do not run an excessive amount of apps, fewer than a typical user likely does. What is the cause of this? Is this something that can be taken care of under manufacturer's warranty? How difficult is the process?

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Re: Why does my Droid Maxx battery get hot and rapidly deplete?

Simply call Verizon and they will first ask you to try Safe Mode.  This will prevent 3rd party apps from running on reboot once.  If the problem is cured, then an app is the problem, however, figuring which one is difficult.  You can go in reverse download order and uninstall apps that way, but most likely a Factory Data Reset will be suggested, and also be required before Verizon will issue a warranty exchange.  (No joke, they make you FDR while on the phone with them, from another phone of course.)  If the problem is not resolved after an FDR, warranty exchange is next.

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