Why is 5.1 e-mail client changing outgoing SMTP port?

Email sync broke with the 5.1 upgrade...just spins trying to sync. After much troubleshooting, discovered that the e-mail software is now changing the outgoing SMTP port in e-mail account settings from what I need to "587". This prevents me from sending/receiving any email.. Is this a known VZN issue yet?

I've rebooted, deleted and re-added the e-mail account, cleared cache and all data, and tried a few other suggestions. Nothing has worked to keep the outgoing SMTP port from changing when I leave that setup screen.  Downloaded another e-mail client and verified it functions perfectly, as long as outgoing SMTP port is set to 80. . .which the VZN software overwrites.

I'm posting here (VZN store tech suggestion), because there is nothing that can be done locally. So can someone advise whether this is a known, recognized issue for the next software update?

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