Why is Cloud "Content pending for backup" forever with no indication of activity ?
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While having trouble getting my Droid Razr Maxx to offload photos to my computer via USB ( a whole other issue)  I installed the "Cloud" app to see if I can get access to my photos that way. The App's messages are now " ! Waiting to perform first backup" and  "Content is pending for backup" with an indication that there are 1106 photos and 35 videos followed by "(update pending)". This has been the case for several hours. Yes, I am connected to WiFi; Settings is selected to backup hourly, only photos and videos are currently selected for backup; This is the first backup with <Settings> indicating that 1.7 Gb of 25Gb is used - this is not changing - and there is no clue what is going on.

This gets at several problems :

1) What is going on ? Will it ever change ? This has been a question of several other users on this forum - questions that remain unanswered 6 months later. Are there any Verizon techies here ? or are we all left to our own devices ? (pun intended)

2) Why is there no indication of activity ? No progress bar or % complete or reason for "pending status" ? This is fundamental polite programming practice and the real reason I post this question - I don't really expect a solution/answer here but I would like Verizon to know what needs to be changed : The computers obviously know what is going on; Is screen space so precious that they can't bother to tell us what is happening or why ? Why is the backup pending ? How long should we expect to wait ? What's the progress ? IS there any progress ?

3) Having read a few other forum entries here I am now concerned that once backed up (sometime next month ?), these photos will not be accessible as simple jpg files on my computer for copying editing etc, which is what I really want/need. I just have too much time here to get paranoid that something else will go wrong, but I have seen elsewhere backups that require a <restore> to the original device prior to any use/manipulation of the data. Can someone tell me that if I'm finally successful with this "Cloud" that I'll actually get plain files out the other end, or will this all be for naught, requiring a 96 hour <restore> operation to put me back in the same place I started ?

AND, final questions : I don't know if my photos are on SD card or "internal storage". How can I tell ? Can I move them to SD card and remove card to insert in computer ? ( I should've thought about that before taking any photos - my pessimistic guess is that photos are trapped on internal storage.)

Yup. Well, thanks for reading. I can now put this all behind me, get used to the idea that my photos will only be visible on a tiny screen until it no longer functions, buy an iPhone to replace this mess, breathe deeply and move forward. I feel better already.

Happy New Year. 

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Re: Why is Cloud "Content pending for backup" forever with no indication of activity ?
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I completely agree with you.  It's a terrible app in the context of iCloud, Google and pretty much every other telco in the market.  The type of phone makes no difference, I get the exact same mediocre service on both my 5C and 6+.  This Verizon service for me was an alternate just in case. The real backup is Apple of course..

Re: Why is Cloud "Content pending for backup" forever with no indication of activity ?

My cloud backup worked perfectly well on my Samsung S5. Now have the iPhone 6 and have the same problem you do... says 3736 photos & videos (backup pending).  I don't even have that many photos/videos! And a mere 139 minutes remaining, although based on past experience, that will gradually increase to thousands of minutes! I think it is backing up everything that is already in the cloud (2 previous phones) AND what is on the iPhone over and over and over.  I don't know anyone who has had this issue resolved! Ridiculous! No wonder I get 25gb cloud storage free.... can't use it!