Why is phone slow after a system update?
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Specifically NCL26.118-23-1 was pushed early last week to my phone. I applied it when I was able to acquire wifi for the massive download. Since then my phone will not rapid charge, in fact it takes hours to charge to full and cannot maintain battery charge while plugged in if the wifi or data is being used. It worked fantastically before applying the update, there was no liquid damage, same cord in a wall outlet, no damage to port or lint in it. What can I do to fix this? Will a hard reset roll back the system update?

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Re: Why is phone slow after a system update?
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. What I need to go to report this to the software team is get more details from you. Please reply to the Direct Message that I am going to send.



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Re: Why is phone slow after a system update?

My Android turbo 2 has been extremely slow after the update. I can't multi-task with my phone when I was able to before. Also during the charge mode the actually functionality has slow to crawl to switch between apps. I am also needing to reboot the phone every 2 days to make sure the screen doesn't freeze. I purchase this phone about 6 months ago and it feels like 3 yr old phone i traded in the droid turbo 1.