Why will my Moto Z Play Droid will not connect to my Windows 10 PC?!

Try TWO YEARS LATER and no solution.  I have wasted days literally trying to get my phone to connect.  i dont untderstand why this should be so hard to answer....

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Re: Moto Z Play Droid will not connect to my Windows 10 PC.
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I've still never had any issues connecting my Moto Z Play Droid to my Windows 10 PCs.

Windows 10 recognizes Moto Z Play Droid USB connection

USB options appear in notification barUSB options appear in notification bar

Select Transfer files

Contents of Moto Z Play Droid are accessible in Windows 10

Re: Moto Z Play Droid will not connect to my Windows 10 PC.
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After that long of a time, I’d feel frustrated too. Let’s turn this around. I imagine that during this time, you’ve seen this link with these steps:

When connected, does the phone allow you to touch and hold the Status bar to choose alternatives such as “USB charging this device”? If so what step are you able to get to? What error messages do you see?

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Re: Why will my Moto Z Play Droid will not connect to my Windows 10 PC?!

OK.  I just went through this again...and I have your solution.  I can't believe all the Verizon experts can't figure this out.  It was so simple as to be painful. 

I had NO PULL down menu for changing the UBS function (file transfer, charging, etc.)  It was annoying every time they said change it, WHEN IT WASN'T THERE!  Did the developer option thing.  All my UBS option page was grayed out.  It was again annoying when they said just change it here.  News flash, you can't change something that is grayed out.  When I hooked it up the my Windows 10, "can't recognize USB", every single time.  I also kept seeing the "maybe your cord is bad" reason/solution from all the experts multiple boards.  Again, not an issue as I charge it fine every single night with no issues.  And the "maybe your USB has lint in it" reason?  Really?  No.  But I went back to the cord issue just in case. 

And here is the solution.  I had two cords when I bought my phone.  A nice big thick long one, and shorter, thinner one for the car.  I just went out to the car, got the smaller one, and plugged it in.  Everything, EVERYTHING NOW WORKS.  Pull down menu with USB options, no more grayed out options in developer mode.  Windows recognized it in 1 second.

Verizon dudes, that was all it was.  Here is your solution.  It really is quite simple.  So for anyone who has this issue, do nothing else until you try this.  If you only have one cord, I bet a quick trip to the Verizon store or amazon maybe for another cord and it will fix it.  Told you it was so simple as to be painful.  The time I wasted!