Why won't my Moto Z Force power on?

My husband and I have had these phones since September of 2016 and have had no complaints until now. Either an outlet messed up our phones through a charger or something happened with software. My phone went from having 77% battery to being dead in a matter of seconds. It is working again after some fiddling. My husband used my charger and his phone shut off and will not turn on. We have tried every option in Verizon's Assistance and tried to factory reset it externally. Still nothing. Any options?

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Re: Why won't my Moto Z Force power on?
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EWALT92, let's get your phones working like they should again. It's sad to hear that your husband's phone won't turn on. Is this still an issue? Has your phone had any more problems? Did you update software or apps on your phones recently?


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