Wi-Fi Calling and texting not working Moto Edge 2022
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Bought a new Moto edge 2022 unlocked and fully compatible with Verizon but it will not make wi-fi calls or texts. I have had two older moto phones that worked fine and it is the same sim card I had there (moto g7 power 2021 and moto g power 2022)

I have a screen shot of all the settings I could think of. I have tried on multiple wifi at multiple locations.

Feel like I reverted back 3 years in time. Cannot log into ANYthing without texting due to OTPs needing received on text message. Please help!
Link to phone

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I did read sometimes the issue is HD voice, but the settings are not where they are supposed to be for this. 
The locations of these settings are not there in my phone

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Hey nathan66669, I know that I rely on Wi-Fi calling myself, just for a more consistent experience when it's available. I see you mentioned that you purchased your Moto Edge 2022 as an unlocked version, which is totally fine. Regrettable, some features are not available in unlocked (not branded) versions of the device. For the Moto Edge 2022, the following features are not supported;

Visual Voicemail, LTE Video Calling, Enhanced Address Book, VoWiFi (Wi-Fi calling), and Integrated Messaging.


I hope this information is helpful to answer your question why the settings are not available on your device.