Wifi Calling not working any more Moto Z3
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Wifi calling is no longer working on my moto z3 which was working fine for the last 8 months . i have tryed all the trouble shooting tips. This is a verry simular sitution that was happening the with Droid Turbo. Except putting my Z3 in airplane mode is not working.. Restting the network settings is not working, Having support resync is not working.. i have even resetted the phone in safe mode to see if an app was conflicting.. altho i have verry few apps on my phone.. Why Verizion Why is my phone not working for wifi calling anymore. This device was working when i bought it and i bought it for this feature.. I will be requesting a free upgrade to a phone that was working wifi calling or requesting a full refund if this is not fixed.

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Re: Wifi Calling not working any more Moto Z3
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I am sorry for the issues you are having with your device and not being able to use Wi-Fi calling on it, partiesplayin. It would bother me too if this were happening to me as it is important to have access to Wi-Fi calling as it comes in handy when you are indoors or have problems with a weak signal. Let me find out what's going on, and thanks for the efforts you've done thus far to try and resolve the issue. After you reset the network settings, did you re-add the Wi-Fi connection to your device? Can you check to see if Wi-fi is available? Did you check to make sure Wi-Fi calling was turned on? Here's a link for more details https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-219616/ . Please look over these areas and ensure you set up Wi-Fi calling while you are on our network. Can you check these areas and let us know if it helped?