Wifi issue, no error code, infinite IP search

So randomly today (while I was using the wifi) my phone just stopped being able to connect to it. I've restarted it multiple times, put it into airplane mode and back off, turned wifi off and back on. There are no errors or anything that pop-up. Everything else on my network connects to the wifi without an issue at all. My phone, however, never finds the IP and just stops trying eventually, tries to connect to my other wifi, and repeats. This is frustrating me because there have been no changes to my router, firewall, or ISP in the last month, yet here I am with this problem. Suggestions outside the basic, first step stuff would be beyond helpful.

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Re: Wifi issue, no error code, infinite IP search
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Did you try cycling the modem/router?

Re: Wifi issue, no error code, infinite IP search
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UnBR33vuhble, thanks for reaching out to us today in regards to getting this up and going. I know that getting your WiFi connection is important and we want you to have a successfully connecting phone. Let’s dive in together to see what’s going on. Has this happened before? Alos, MiiHere had a great question/step, was model/router powered off/on? Here are some steps you can try in regards to getting your phone working properly again.

•    Go to Settings – Wi-Fi and ensure that Wi-Fi is set to stay on during sleep mode.
•    Ensure all firmware is updated. On both the router.
•    Make sure the phone is updated through Settings – About Phone – Software Updates.
•    Make sure the MAC address for the phone can be recognized by the router.
•    Factory reset the phone.

Here are the steps on how to factory reset the Droid Turbo: http://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-118101/  

And how to clear the Cache Partition:

•    Turn the phone off and press the volume down key for three seconds, followed by the power key, then release.
•    The device should display “Boot options”. Use the volume down key to move to “Recovery” and tap volume up to select.
•    You should see the Android logo with a red exclamation mark.
•    Hold the volume up key for fifteen seconds, then tap and release the power key.
•    Use the Volume down key to move to “wipe cache partition” and the power key to choose this option.
•    The device should reboot automatically and start the power-up sequence.

After these options are tried, please let us know the outcome.

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