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XOOM PrePaid option.... SORELY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!


I am pretty much a technology freak to say the least.  I never post anything really, but this got me so 'ANGRY' that I had to put it down somewhere...


I am extemely disappointed with how Verizon is handling data coverage on the Xoom.    I have been a pretty happy customer until i got the Xoom.  I made an "assumption" that Verizon would give you the option to put a debit / credit card and allow you to pay as you go like that do on other android tables (samsung galaxy) or the ipad.  BOY was a sorely mistaken.  It took me 3 hrs just to get my message across with 10 transfers between reps over 2 days.


I do not understand why you wouldn't put in a option for paying whenever you want for data on the Xoom.  Especially on the there own website it has a pricing structure for tablet prepaid plans.  I listed below directly from there own website.  When I click on xoom, there is an option per there own website.... see below


I own an Ipad and now Xoom.  Literally Ipad has set the bar in my opinion on how to handle Tablet Data plans.  I am regretting purchasing a Xoom now. 


Quite frankly this is false advertisement......


See at the very bottom where i even had a IM'n conversation with a Sales Rep today.....


I am going to try what she says but i dont know if it will work based on my last 2 days of dealing with this....



Here is where you click on the Xoom and it has a plan info associated....


--- click on view plan info



Monthly Access Fee $30 $50 $80 Monthly Data Allowance 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB Rate After Allowance $10
per 1 GB $10
per 1 GB $10
per 1 GB   Prepaid Mobile Broadband*



Monthly Access Fee $20 $30 $50 $80 Monthly Data Allowance 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB

*No activation or reconnection fees, and no overage charges.



Here is the general pricing structure for tablets.

Prepaid Monthly Plans for Tablets

No activation or reconnection fees, and no overage charges.

Monthly Access Fee Monthly Data Allowance $20 1 GB $30 2 GB $50 5 GB $80 10 GB

Prepaid Mobile Broadband Tablet Plans automatically renew each month on the same calendar day as the original purchase (if the purchase was made on days 29-31, the renewal date is the 1st of the following month), and the customer’s credit card is billed accordingly. If the entire data allowance is used before the renewal date, service will not be available until the plan automatically renews, unless a new data plan is purchased. If a new data plan is purchased, the automatic renewal date is adjusted according to the new purchase date.




Here is my recent conversation with a sales rep today at 9am CST on 12/2/2011 with Tristal  ......



Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.

You are now chatting with 'Tristal'

Tristal: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?

You: Yes, is there truly prepaid service on the xoom for data?

Tristal: I'd be happy to assist you.

You: i am getting conflicting information

Tristal: Yes, it is. Would you like a link to the plans?

You: and even on your own website there is prepaid

You: i just purchased the xoom and i am being told i can't do prepaid or pay as i go option

Tristal: Where did you purchase the Xoom?

You: purchased it from a retail store as a gift

Tristal: Now, did you purchase it on a contract or full retail?

You: full retail

Tristal: It is listed under pre-paid. Who did you speak with about setting up pre-paid service?

You: i been on the phone all this morning

You: and finally conceded to a month to month. which is not at all what i wanted

You: so i decided to review verizon's website once again

Tristal: Ok.

You: I live / work in corporate america and to certain extent i can understand certain situations.

You: so from on the website...


You: there is a view plan option

You: it has prepaid on it. so can i go to prepaid?

Tristal: Well, the thing is, Customer Care sets up all the pre-paid plans. Did they say why you were unable to get pre-paid on the Xoom?

You: They said i couldnt do it

You: i am not trying to cause issues but that is misleading information

You: I am not trying to shoot the messenger and i know you can't control it

Tristal: Yes, I understand.

Tristal: One moment please.

Tristal: Did you speak with Pre-pay Services or Customer Care?

You: both of them, then ended up sending me to sales or something

You: i was transferred 10x

Tristal: Ok, and are you new to Verizon?

You: No, i have been with Verizon for years

Tristal: Ok, when you purchased it from the store, you did not set up service on it, correct?

You: correct

You: it was gift from my wife

Tristal: Ok, what you will have to do is take the device back to the Verizon store. You should have no problem getting that added, I do apologize for inconvenience this may have caused you.

You: ok i can put prepaid on it, as long as i go to the store?

Tristal: You should be able to get it over the phone, I am unsure why you were unable to do so. Because even if you order online, you do not select a plan. So you have to add it somewhere. So I recommend go to the store since that is where it was purchased.

You: ok i will try that. i know its not your fault but this has been a nightmare...

Tristal: Yes, I understand.

Tristal: Did you have any other questions or concerns for me today?

You: nope, you have been a good help. i just hope i can get this straighten out

Tristal: Yes, I hope you do as well. Good Luck!

Tristal: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless; it’s been a pleasure chatting with you.  Have a great day!

You: i have been with verizon for years and have enjoyed having there service. so thanks again

Your chat session has been ended by your Verizon Wireless online agent.

Re: XOOM PrePaid option.... SORELY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

wow, im sorry about that, i hope u can figure this out! i know this Xoom thing been so confusing forme n my bf cuz they said that it be like $30 per month for service charge. i got this tablet black friday. and i loved it, but they held info bk from us. i watched a few movies on netflixs and i didnt know i had only 2 GB or watever it is so i already used half of it, they tell me to use wifi for that kind of stuff (thanks verizon wish u couldve told me sooner) then four days later, my tablet got screwed up! it was horrible, my screen was in mirror mode and i couldnt get it fixed and verizon couldnt either, so they shipped me a new one for free...just wow, i was hoping for it to be easy use n no worries, i guess i was wrong.

Re: XOOM PrePaid option.... SORELY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

Were you able to get this resolved?  I was torn between the Ipad 2 and an android tablet but when I ask  sales reps I always get conflicting answers about 3g and 4g data usage on tablets.  I have been told that the month to month is only available on the Ipad2 and there is a fee each time you start your service, and some reps say you have to have service at least every 90 days yet as you said and they advertise, there is no activation fees.  What has been you experience with data billing on your ipad?

Re: XOOM PrePaid option.... SORELY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!



I love the option on the ipad. Honestly, you can't beat it. Ok, so I figured out a work around that works for me. After going through all kinds of research, this is with really zero help from Verizon reps... Sign up for the month to month subscription on your XOOM. There is an option to "Suspend Device".  This option only last 3 months, but you can do it again after 1 month of service. So for 4x a year you will pay a total of $120 instead of $360. I used it for a month and now its suspended. I will let you know how this turns out but from what i understand there isn't any limitiations to it.  


To answer your question the ipad without a doubt has the best option for data and it is completely self service on VZ.  I got a AT&T ipad 2 for xmas for my wife.  There's is a whole lot better in controling how to pay. Very cool on how they did it.  If you are in a good zone, for Att i would go with it.