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Xoom LTE - Download Unsuccessful

I'm having a problem with some sites where I am not able to download media files or jpg's on my Xoom. For the WMVs and MPGs, I have RockPlayer Lite installed. I have tried tapping on the links to the files in my browser or holding down on the links and choosing "save link" - with tapping on the link, I get "can't open <filename> to play", while with save link it starts the download and then reports "download unsuccessful."

With pictures, it is a little different. I tap on the link to the picture and I can view the pic just fine, but when I try to save it, I get "download unsuccessful."

I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but the sites are password protected, but obviously my password is being accepted if I can view the jpgs.

I read somewhere it might be a browser thing so I installed Dolphin HD from Google Play and get the same results.

Any thoughts?

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