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add word processor to Xoom
MS Notepad (enabled) By default, Xoom has the ability to act as a Notepad using the default Microsoft notepad text ducuments via the "text editor"

I have set it up on my Xoom, and if you want, here is how to set it up on yours.

Step 1: First you need a file manager ( I use File Manager HD)

Step 2: Create a "Docs" directory in the Home directory (for easy access, I also created a bookmark for my Docs folder)

Step 3: Add the txt file ( in my case i created a master txt file on my external1 sd card that I can copy/paste from via the File Manager as needed when I want to create new txt notepad files since this is a "read only" file on the external sd card, It serves the purpose. But you cant edit/create a note here, so the usable "Notes" folder/file must be located on the internal SD card in the Home directory which can be created via the File Manager)
You will have to unzip the txt file.

Copy txt file to the newly created directory. (be sure to create a txt file master/backup somewhere if you dont create it on the external1 sd)

Done. Now your Xoom has Notepad (editable txt documents) that are fully editable via the default text editor in Xoom.

To Use:

open with Xoom "Text Editor" (click txt file and select to complete action using the text editor)

Click icon top right to "save" and/or "exit" txt file editing/viewing mode

note- using the copy/paste you can rename your txt files to whatever you wish it to be, but this must be done prior to editing/saving your txt file. Though it is possible to do it after the fact, but you will have to copy/paste the edited file in order to be able to change it.