answer calls when phone is locked

8/10 times I get a call, if my phone is locked, I can't answer it. It will show the little phone in the top left corner indicating that I'm getting a call, by my screen just stays black. Sometimes I'm able to unlock the phone with my finger print, but the screen remains black when I do that too.

The only time I'm able to answer is occasionally after fidgeting with my screen and lock button over and over the contact picture/number of the caller will appear on screen as it's supposed to and I'm able to answer. But as I mentioned before, 8/10 calls I'm unable to answer.

It's really inconvenient because I've missed multiple important calls and haven't been able to call back because I don't have the extension for the person who tried to reach me.

I have a Motorhome Z Play Droid and this issue started after the most recent Android update.

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Re: answer calls when phone is locked
Customer Service Rep

Thank you, zacoo801, for taking the time to reach out to us and provide us with this information pertaining to your Moto Z Play Droid. We want to ensure all of our options are reviewed to get this fixed.When the Moto z phones having a black screen error, the first thing you should do is to restore the important files from the phone To rescue your Moto z phones files, you can turn to the software- Broken Android Data Extraction, a powerful program to extract data from broken or damaged Android device. To start, let's confirm these details. Please make sure you're not using a phone case/cover that may block the proximity sensor. Also, let's test the proximity sensor in Device Help app > Fix > Hardware > Proximity Sensor. Please let me know. Also, Have you tried the hardware test for that sensor that's built into the Device Help app.  Device Help > Fix > Test Hardware.  Let us know if your device is able to pass the Hardware Test. Last, could you please update your profile with current phone, carrier and serial number -- this will help me investigate. Please make sure that the options under Settings > Motorola Privacy are on as welL.