camera not responding
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I'm having FREQUENT issues with my camera not responding or freezing up when I try to use it.
I have also noticed my phone turning itself off or spontaneously restarting.
Anyone know a "fix" for either issue?
This is a replacement phone because my brand new Droid Maxx had the same camera issue about 2 months after I bought it.
I've restarted, reset, cleared cache, and uninstalled updates, yet nothing seems to help. With my first Maxx, I tried all the same things at the advise of online support, when they didn't work, I was issued a replacement.
I guess my dilemma is, Is there now a "fix? should I get a replacement? or should I Edge Up and try a different phone?

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Re: camera not responding
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We want to see you snapping away with your camera, lucychik! Did this start as soon as you received the replacement? Have you installed the same applications on this device as the last? Does this happen in apps that use camera or just native Camera program? When restart occurs are you using a certain app or process? I am eager to get to the bottom of this!

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