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so I just had the new security update on my droid an now it is completely dead! I have a backup droid so I moved my sim card over but how do I get my contacts too? I use google for the photos and thought it was taking care of backing up my contacts but no.  I cant even get the old phone to turn on. help!? ps I cant get any one from Verizon to call me back and the phone isn't even two years old,

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Re: contact transfer
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Hello, ggirl36. I'm sorry to hear about the device. If your information wasn't restored on the old device and you signed in with the same Google account, that would mean that your contacts were not saved to be backed up to the cloud storage. There would not be a way to recover this informatin unless you had another cloud service it could be saved to or by accessing the device you moved away from. TaylorH_VZW