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Droid Turbo 2 got some water on it.  I put it in rice for two days.  Phone works fine, but has colored (blue) line down right side and flickers some.  Can it be repaired?

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I would suggest that you contact Motorola directly for your repair options.

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Yeah, that's probably the best avenue.

Other options:

I went on ebay to price the OP's screen and digitizer (I suspect both would need to be replaced as a unit out of convenience and the best ) and that's $100 right there.Self-repairs like this are generally no-joy unless you've done it before... and you never know, if it doesn't work - was it a defective screen and digitizer to start with. Probably not a viable option...

A better option is going on eBAY, and purchasing a refurb. That's about $150.

Of course, some fresh rice, another bag, and 2 more days is cheap and very inexpensive, and might do the trick...

Me? I'd go for the 2nd spin cycle (ala the fresh rice treatment one more time), and then the refurb route, specially if the device is out of warranty, and the quote from Motorola is more than 150, and I just loved the Turbo 2.

Is the Turbo 2 paid off? Possibly, the OP could research financing a new phone possibly with a BestBuy credit card?

Re: droid turbo 2 question
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Stef7, you've given some great options, thank you for your expertise.


Wilvan47, having a device working the best it can is essential. For additional options, I have reached out in a private message. Please respond there at your earliest convenience. We are eager to help.



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