droid turbo reception
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Is anyoy else having mad trouble with getting a good reception with the new droid turbo? I'm now on my second phone and nothing is working to make the call better.

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Re: droid turbo reception
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We definitely want your device working the way it should and certainly here to help any way that we can. Currently there are no known issues with this particular device and reception, so we definitely want to figure this out. As well, if this has occurred with multiple devices that may point toward some reception challenges in the area. What's your zip code? Issues everywhere that you go or in specific places?


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Re: droid turbo reception
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I'm going to go ahead and call shenanigans.

Verizon is very well aware there are a multitude of problems with this device model. The forums here and on Facebook should underscore that point.

I myself have the exact same problem, and many more, on my 3rd turbo, since February 2015.