droid turbo screen is black

My husbands turbo is now not working. He was talking on it and when the call got done he looked down and the phone flickered and went black. He has only had it for like 4 months and I'm pretty pissed. He tried charging it and turning it off and on. You see the screen flicker for a while and then nothing. You can hear it working though and can even feel it vibrate but nothing on the screen. What do I do? We have no insurance on it....

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Re: droid turbo screen is black

Call Verizon about a warranty exchange.  As long as there is no physical liquid damage, the hardware should be covered under the manufacturer's 1 year warranty.  The "1 free screen replacement" on Turbos (it was a promo I know) is for broken screens I believe, not digitizer (under the glass part) issues.

Re: droid turbo screen is black
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Oh no jarod4384! We want to make sure your husband has a working phone.  Is there any physical or moisture damage? Have you tried pressing the power and volume up button to see if it will come back to the main screen?
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