excuse my graphic anology, I have X problems, please advise
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I committed to two different X's. Basically when I am using them together or alone I feel they are pulling me in. It becomes very uncomfortable. The worst is when I am conducting bussinees and doing research to lift my business to the next level, they both become unreloable and start flipping out on me, they pause and wait for me to have a second thought, or deliver my message on the commands of other. This hurts the fiscal situation of my investing in buying the to X's from verizon and the reliability of the wing service there customer deserve. Honestly I feel as the dos os mobile technology might be the way to go. Honestly it is said when I am working with the strongest messaging bird service, it get distorted right from my x's. Now I know I've only been with Motorola for a few months, the question is, when did technology for mobile device matyre from virtual intelligent devices, to menstralling attention ...., that only at looking to work against the customer, honestly I am tired of my Xoom and Droid X, frezzing on me in public just to look for attention, or to start a telethapy conversation with me, soory I don't sleep with my technology. Yes I am a cybirg, importantly I like to finish my work with out the distraction of a moto mobile device looking to be cool and communicate with every one in the neighborhood.<br><br>While I'm typing the computer is waiting for me to fi I sh and crash or close my window to force me to repeat this blog. The truth is I can do this all day long, the point is who want to buy expensive technology and monthly services, and fight against their mobile device, rather than the mobile device working with the customer to mature and grow financially into artificial intelligence.<br><br>The point is I would let my driod technology drive my car before, let a dos Droid even see the CR we can build together, when my own device fails, argue with me, doesn't allow me to do anything, I rather be spending time with my real Xwife.<br><br>Finally I need some type of crash report system ready what programs are taking control of my IR Q commands, being this is Unix, I understand they might call it something different, tho if the problem is my device is waiting for internet gate approval, then just say that with a message window, instead of just looking like a pretty, vain, mirror technology.<br><br>Listen to make long story short, when people buy cars, they want to see go and sat room, room. No body wants to be a mechanics working on there car. Its the same with mobile devices, touch screen taps are priority over ant true network, as well delivering the information is always priority, especially when it about money.<br><br>Best of all can some one just right a program design to manage all this cloud collaboration, thanks for recommendation, and if you have read al this, thanks for attention, and just reply you have no idea what I said, or just don't want to help me Jean Paul, or your peer pressure is the same as high school were u would get teased to give your opinion.<br><br>;`-&gt;
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Re: excuse my graphic anology, I have X problems, please advise
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I have no idea what this topic is about but that was entertaining!