faulty product--no help in store

I've never really been a contract person. I always preferred to use alternative phone plans etc. but recently I was in need of a nice new phone with reliable service for a new job. So i went to Verizon, applied and purchased a motorola z4. 

the phone itself is fine, a bit glitchy  with spotty internet service but fine. 

my only issue is with my screen protector which i believe retails for 39.99.

After about a month of use, it started bubbling and peeling up. So, I decided to go to the place where I purchased my phone to see if they could help me fix or replace it. I was greeted as soon as i entered the store by a group of employees who looked less than thrilled to see a customer despite the shop being empty. I began to explain my needs before I was cut off and told that there wasn't anything they could do and that I would have to go through the manafacturer. 

There is no clear way to contact the manafacturer on your site. Dont you think it would be a great idea to train your employees on how to direct a customer in need instead of having them direct the customer out of the door to a new carrier who cares more, or at least appears to?

They didn't even look at my phone. I am very unlikely to purchase anything from this company again. 


shady business practices. 

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Re: faulty product--no help in store
Customer Service Rep


Oh no, this is never the experience we want for you and I assure you that we truly do care and will gladly assist you to the best of our abilities. Sadly due to recent activities, we no longer assist with the placing/removing of screen protectors. And if you were past the 14 day worry-free guarantee, yes you would have to reach out to the manufacturer if a replacement was needed. Now with that being said, we should have still pointed you in the right direction as we always want to create a positive experience. Can you please provide the name of the exact screen protector you purchased? If you are not sure, you can go to the documents and receipts section of your online account to get the details of that order, see here https://vz.to/2xuGHJ0.