how do I get rid of Google apps?

I received a reply which I appreciate very much regarding stuck e-mails in

my outbox. I was also instructed how to delete my Gmail (I use a Gmail

address but run it through my Outlook).

Since I was deleting Gmail I thought I would clean house & uninstall the

MANY Google apps I don't use & don't want. When I click uninstall on my

uninstaller app, the Google app asks me if I want it reset to factory

settings - or I can cancel my request to uninstall.

I don't even know what a lot of these apps do, & don't want extra stuff I

don't need on my phone. Now when I go to my apps I see all of those I

"reset to factory settings" are listed under Recently updated! Is there a

way to GET RID of Google apps??? And find out what the mysterious apps are,

like "audible", "IMDb" all the "play" apps, etc?

Thanks, Amy

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Unfortunately you can not completely remove them but you can uninstall updates and once those updates are uninstalled you can disable the app

Good Luck