how do I return new phone
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I got the new Droid turbo but am not happy  with it . Can I return it to a store if I ordered it online

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Re: how do I return new phone
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So far I'm not so sure about this phone either. I've had it for 24 hrs and finding many dislikes. Good luck.

Re: how do I return new phone
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I agree.

I hate this phone on many levels and it's only been a week. 

The limitations to this phone and it's basic setup are an epic fail.  Will definitely give this phone a 1 star review since I am no longer allowed to do simple functions like control the volume of my ringer separately from the notification volume.  And the MANY apps that are not compatible with this phone!  And already been back to the store 2x and spent a couple hours (on multiple occasions) while the Motorola techs and Verizon tried to explain how this so called amazing phone can't do the simplest functions!

Used to Love Android.