is Motorola Moto z2 Force just buggy??

I didn't want to trade in my Z Force last summer, but was forced to after it took a swim. I thought, oh there's an even newer version? Sure, I'll go with that! What a mistake. I've been very happy with Motorola phones for several years now, but I hate this thing. Initially, the battery life was terrible and I constantly had problems connecting to my home wifi (only home, only in the evening. !?). Software updates seem to have fixed these issues, but they've just been replaced with others. Anyone else experiencing these bizarre, irritating problems or know how to correct them?

1. The most bizarre thing has been the phone suddenly and randomly playing all audio (podcast apps, YouTube, Google Music, etc etc) @ 2x speed. It seems to happen only when connected to certain Bluetooth devices and can usually be fixed by turning Bluetooth off/on, but what the heck? This one didn't start until shortly after the latest update.

2. The Overview button at the bottom of my screen regularly just craps out until I restart the phone. I can see that the screen is registering the tap when I touch it, it just doesn't actually bring up my open apps like it should. So I have to go back to apps menu in order to toggle from one app to another, and cannot actually close anything unless I Force Stop, or restart the phone.

3. Restarting is a total pain because Google refuses to fix the "Smart Lock" feature, which has had some problem forever that makes you go through the whole setup and adding any devices/locations/etc. every single freakin time you restart the phone. The real bummer is that it's really great when it's working.

Before you ask: no, I have not damaged this phone in any way. Yes, it is 100% up to date.

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I’m sorry to learn that you are experiencing issues with your device, hrw219. We want your device to work as intended. Thank you for letting us know that your device has no damage and it is up to date with all software updates. You mention in your post that some issues started until shortly after the latest software version was installed.


I checked my resources and I see that when some performance issues occur after a software update, a factory reset is recommended to resolve any post software update issues. This works because a factory reset will resolve any potential system file conflicts between previous software and the new software update. Please visit this link ( for steps to do a factory reset. Please make sure to back up everything to the Verizon Cloud (see how at, as a factory reset will delete everything from your phone.


Keep us posted of performance after you do a factory reset.



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