issue with droid turbo passwords and please

i just got my droid turbo and i'm noticing problems. i changed my e-mail password at work and couldnt' get the corporate e-mail to accept the new password. it kept telling me it was an incorrect password. i downloaded an app to route my corporate e-mail. it worked fine for 2 days and now won't allow me to sign in. it also states i have an incorrect password. finally, i also sign on to a 3rd party website through work, using the same password. guess what it wont' let me sign in. i downloaded the app to the 3rd party website but still can't sign in. all of these access issues are with the phone. i use the same passwords on my computer and it works fine. anyone have any ideas?

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Re: issue with droid turbo passwords and please
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That is very strange, Zonker. Sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing with your corporate email and your Droid Turbo. To make sure we have this correctly, at work you needed to update your Corporate Email password, and you weren't able to, or was it updated, but your phone will not accept the updated password? If it is the latter, have you tried removing the account, and then setting it up again like new?


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