moto Z2 PLAY

I've  had this phone for only two months and it all of a sudden, it just powers on and buzzes, it does not come onto my Verizon network and when you call my number it goes straight to voice mail. How do get this phone turned to the Verizon network.

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Re: moto Z2 PLAY
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stoneyirish85, I know I would be just as concerned with my phone acting in this manner. We are here to help out. Regarding your phone powering off and on, are there any patterns to the phone shutting off, such as after using certain apps, battery percentage, charging or off the charger, etc? 


Have there been any recent updates prior to this issue starting? When your phone restarts, does your phone display any bars of 1x, 3G, or 4G LTE service, or does it display No Service?


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