moto g power 2021 mobile network status disconnected

I had to replace my Moto Z3 due to charge cord would not stay plugged in (tried several different cords) BTW I LOVED my Z3... I replaced with a Moto G Power 2021. My Z3 in info par said 4G, my Power with Android 10 says LTE. Call reception is not as good with cutting out and dropped calls. I notice under Sim Status (same Sim) It  says Mobile Network State Disconnected. I cannot change this could this have an effect? And is it ok to have LTE and not 4G. I confess I was in an extreme hurry as wife is in hospital with serious injury so I got the G Power at Best Buy

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Re: moto g power 2021 mobile network status disconnected
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We definitely want everything working perfectly with  you new  phone.  Thankfully 4G and LTE are essentially the same thing.  LTE just refers to a version of 4G called  4G LTE.  Regarding your call  reception, when  did this first start?  Where is this happening?