moto play z2 camera to portable storage

On my moto play z2, I can move pictures and other media to my SD card (portable). But I can't seem to just have the camera write directly to the portable storage. Seems odd that I have to go move them every so often and it's a real pain. I can't find any place to set it to record to the portable SD storage, anyone now how to do that?


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Re: moto play z2 camera to portable storage
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Being able to save space on your device is always recommended for the overall function of your phone. I welcome the opportunity to assist with your device storage options. To obtain the option to save your pictures taken with your camera directly to the SD/memory card, you'll just want to swipe from left-to-right while in the Camera mode. A side menu will appear and in the 'General' settings that's listed first, you'll see the Storage option in which you can change the mode from Phone storage to Memory Card. I hope this information helps. 


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