moto z droid battery
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I have the same problem with the battery. I have had two recent updates July and November. The problem started in July and now is worse after the November update. Now the battery will drop from 40-60% charge to 1% and shut off with no warning. The local Verizon store was absolutely NO help! Their only response was " call customer service". They never looked up the account to see if there was insurance on the phone, never asked how old the phone was Just a lot of talk trying to sell me a new phone, not take care of any problems. They were worse than the " typical used car sales person". I finally called tech support and was connected with a Motorola rep. He wanted me to go through the same hoops everyone else has. They never admitted there was a problem with the update and the Motorola web site indicated that there will NOT be one. So, the bottom line is pay $ 150 for a replacement phone of suffer it out until someone has a good sale on unlocked phones. It definitely will not be a Motorola! With 7 phones on the account I thought I might get a break, but Verizon does not care anymore. The factory stores in our area all have poor ratings on Yelp and even on the Verizon site. None that I have found are rated above 3.8 stars. It looks like even Verizon rates their stores very poorly.

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