motorola edge 5G UW Charger

I hope this is the correct location for my question.  

I purchased a motorola edge 5G UW 256GB the other day.  Have another one like it at home.  I asked if I could use same charger was told NO.  Have to buy a new C to C charger.  My other chargers are USB to C.

Did I get told the truth or a little "fib" to make another $40 sale?  

Also, I see no reason I cannot use my mobile charger (USB to C cable) for my new phone.



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Re: motorola edge 5G UW Charger
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Just like you, I don't want to spend more than I have to. Let me clarify for you. The manufacturer suggests using the specific cables and wall chargers for optimal use and charging. The newer phones need USB-C to USB-C to support the fastest charging available. Although, your current USB-A to USB-C may fit, it may charge your new phone and a much slower rate and may not be sufficient for your new phone. We do offer a 30-day worry-free guarantee, if you find the older charger works and you do not want the highest charging speeds. Does this help clarify?