multiple replacements with same problem
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I cannot count how many replacement Motorola android RAZR HD I have had but its getting ridiculous. Must have been  at least 4 in the last couple weeks. My wife has had her iPhone since we started our contract but I must be at 10+ droids by now. They all have their own issues but mostly all fail to charge properly. Thought I may be at fault so for this last one I went and bought brand new chargers at Verizon store. But nope, I have been using this phone 28 hours and I cannot get it to charge. Just over one day! If I am told that the fix for this is another droid, well that may be the end of Verizon for me. I live in a remote area with satellite internet and so for me to send my info to the cloud and pull it to new device costs me a lot each time. Don't even get me started w Verizon cloud issues. When I first asked how to transfer ally info to new phone I was told via Verizon cloud. I got none of my photos. They are in the cloud and I have to one by one download them. I didn't have to do that for my contacts but I do for photos, well that's not transferring ALL my stuff as I asked now is it. Anyways back to this garbage droid they keep sending me. Anyone w any ideas? cause if I can only  swap for another garbage droid that will only cost me $ to put only my contacts on and then give same issue Tomorrow I would rather cancel our two phones and go w a company that understands I can only follow their rules for so long before I need someone to make a real world decision and get me a phone that I will not want to throw multiple times every day.

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Hi Jasoninadks,

Oh no! 4 replacement devices in weeks is too many! Let's locate your missing charge. Are you purchasing chargers made by the manufacturer for this phone? Has there been any liquid or physical damage to this device? Where you able to get the pictures downloaded from the cloud Are you eligible for new equipment? Dial #UPG from your cellphone.

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