new phone, old micro sd card not automatically syncing

I got a replacement phone (same kind) motorola droid z.  I put my micro sd card from my old phone in.  It recognizes my device, but just pops up an icon and has "For transferring photos and media"  How do i get it to sync, or do i have to transfer it to the phone and back?  I can view all the items but for example, my music on there i can't pull into my player.


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Re: new phone, old micro sd card not automatically syncing
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Trahan12, it’s so important to be able to transfer your material using your microSD card.  This message saying "For transferring photos and media" should go away shortly after inserting it into the phone or after you first add something new to your SD card.  You can also try to “long press” on that notification when you receive it and it may give you an option to remove or hide it.  Normally media, pics, and videos already on the card will be visible in the device photo gallery and media apps after it is inserted into the phone.  What specific type of SD card do you have?  What are you not able to see from the card?  For example, you can’t view your saved photos in your photos application but can view them when you go into your Settings > Storage > SD card.  Here is more information on how to use the microSD card: (page 57)

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