new sim card?
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I just received my Z4 replacement from Asurion.  It is a 4G chip is my current one.  Is there any advantage to putting the brand new sim in and shelving the other or should I stick with my current one.


For example activating the new chip in my new Z4 then being able to use my original chip in another phone?


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Re: new sim card?
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zero reason to unless you're spending extra for UW 5G in your plan, lives somewhere that actually has the service and have a phone with a UW 5G modem.

Re: new sim card?
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Those are great questions. If they are both Verizon SIM cards (if they start with the same numbers), we would recommend keeping both of them. That way you can keep one as a backup. If you need a new SIM card for another phone, we can check to see if it uses the same type of SIM card, if you provide the make and model. Service is based on how many phone lines you have and you can always get a free SIM card at a corporate store or have us mail you one. We would recommend using the one that came with the replacement phone first. If you need help getting it activated, please let us know.