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My Droid Maxx is  out of storage. It says I have 9.89kb of pictures/videos and I have none . I did a reset and it said I was out of storage 2 days later. This is a new phone. I have looked everywhere and have  no pictures.

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Re: out of storage
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Let's take closer look at this for you, how much available space do you have? You can check by going to settings, storage and available.Do you see usage under other categories? Do you use an memory card?

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Re: out of storage
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If you were familiar with your products, (or if you simply weren't too lazy to check the specs on the phone that OP clearly identified, but you're doing a great job, right?) then you would know that the Motorola Droid Maxx, Ultra, and Mini, in fact do not support external storage, despite being loaded down with an excessively large amount of bloatware. 300+ Mb, in my case. Consequentially, these models of phone also happen to be the only Motorola's with absolutely no possible method of obtaining root access, which is the only way to remove said bloatware.

By the way, does your department happen to be hiring, because this isn't the first instance in which I have been able to perform a tech-service person's job more efficiently than they are able to.