play store won't connect on WiFi (
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This stupid forum won't let me reply to my own discussion!!

I did the "forget/re-connect" thing and within 10 seconds, the "couldn't sign in" message for my google account came right back.

I went to the Verizon store yesterday for help and it stayed connected on their WiFi, so nothing could be resolved. I guess the Droid Maxx just doesn't like my linksys WiFi at home. My Droid 4 did, my husband's Samsung does and our laptops do all connect just fine.

I recovered my google account on the laptop, changed the password, nothing helps. It has to be something with the newer Android version on this phone.

I only can use WiFi at home since I have no 3G/4G service here. What a waste of money this phone was for me.

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Re: play store won't connect on WiFi (
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Thanks for the update. I am sorry to hear about your troubles but we certainly want to find a resolution. Since it only seems to be a problem with that specific wi-fi we may have to try different options. Have you tried removing the network completely and not just "forget it". When you are signed into the wi-fi are other internet features not working as well (browser, internet apps)? Also try resetting the router and trying again. Please fill us in and I am sure we can get this fixed.

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