play store won't connect on wifi
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My play store works fine when in the network, but at home on wifi (where I have no 3G or 4G service), it will not connect. It keeps saying I've entered an incorrect password or my account has changed. Constantly pops up over and over once I try to access the play store. I've tried deleting the cache AND the data in the app, I've re-entered my password correctly, I force closed the play store, I've made sure my date and time are correct. I've tried the option to recover my account but the "can't sign in" screen continuously pops up making it impossible to try and fill in the info needed to recover it. I never had this problem with my droid 4. Please help!!

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Re: play store won't connect on wifi
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This is a bizarre situation, dabwilldo. Thanks for all for all of your efforts. I would suggest removing the WiFi network from your device and restarting the connection. Please give it a try and let me know the results.


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